Hi everyone! We’re a food obsessed vegan couple from the East Coast of Canada! You might know us better as @chickpeaexpress from Instagram, where we post all of our vegan junk food finds and glutinous, plant-based, meals.

My name is Alex, and my boyfriend is Eian. We went vegan together just over a year ago and have been living a beautiful plant-based existence ever since. We went vegan for the animals… and our taste buds! We’ve never seen animals as food, so it was hard to enjoy food when EVERYTHING seemed to be made of gross animal products. Going vegan has awoken the foodie in us both! We now love to cook, and eat, and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to what we put in our bodies. And no, veganism isn’t a diet for us, you won’t find any kale or green shakes here! We love junk food more than ever, but for once, it’s junk food you can feel good – for the most part – about consuming!


We’ve decided to start a blog so we have more space to review vegan products, meals, restaurants, and brands we love! We also want to make it easier for vegans here in Canada to find the quality eats, even when it seems like options are scarce.. Especially here in NB! If you’re interested in going vegan, but just don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! We want to help the veg-curious people out there make the switch by showing you guys how easy it is to go vegan, even when you don’t have access to all the fancy and expensive, vegan certified products.

Here on this blog we review restaurants, brands, food products, and restaurant meals and desserts. These include things that are both vegan certified, and accidentally vegan! Accidentally vegan products have changed our lives and expanded our vegan food horizons exponentially, we can’t wait to share our best finds with you and make your vegan life sooo much easier and more sustainable!


To clarify the distinction between accidentally and certified vegan, certified vegan products refer to products that don’t contain meat, animal by-products, dairy, or eggs. These products are also not tested on animals, and don’t contain animal derived GMOs. Certified products are made in their own vegan-dedicated facility so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. We love vegan certified products because they make shopping so much quicker and easier, but we’re also obsessed with accidentally vegan products. Accidentally vegan products refer to products that don’t contain animal ingredients or by-products – just like the certified ones – however, they are usually made in facilities which also manufacture non-vegan products. Although there is a risk of cross contamination – indicated by the ‘may contain’ in the ingredients list – we consider these to be vegan options as well. ‘May contain’ could be an issue for people with allergies to milk and egg, but for the purposes of excluding animal products and animal exploitation from your diet, these are life savers!



We DO accept products for review, and we DO affiliate with companies. However, we will never sell out! We won’t blindly give good reviews to our affiliates or companies who offer us free products! What’s the point of being here if you’re not getting an honest review? Our goal is to give you our honest opinion on the things we try so you can decide if the product is for you or not! Plus I wouldn’t have a very fun time curating a good review for something I didn’t like!! We also wanted to offer an ad-free blogging experience so you don’t have to feel bombarded by advertising when you’re here! So anything you see on the Chickpea Express blog will be our own content or things we personally endorse!