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Thanksgiving stuffing is a classic holiday favorite of mine! It’s always been the best part about holiday meals for me. And it’s so easy to make a vegan version of it! Packed with seasonal spices like summer savory and thyme, this vegan stuffing recipe is super cozy. Make this stuffing recipe as the side for your next vegan Thanksgiving meal! Pair it with other vegan Thanksgiving recipes for best results.

Chai spice coffee is the perfect way to soak in the fall season. Like pumpkin spice, Chai Spice is full of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other cozy spices. Chai coffee can be brewed cold or hot, depending on your coffee preference. And the chai spice recipe is super versatile, add it to any baked goods for a touch of fall.

Thick, chewy, and fluffy white bread has never been quicker, easier, or cheaper! This vegan bread machine white bread recipe is the perfect go-to bread recipe for all your favorite vegan meals! Just put all the ingredients in a bread maker and wait, it’s that easy! This bread turns out perfectly every time and is even better topped with peanut butter!

Baked potatoes are the easiest way to enjoy the goodness of a potato. Baked potatoes are easy, but if you know the right technique they can also be perfect every time! No more dry, hard baked potatoes! These jacket potatoes are creamy, soft, flavourful and tender!

This vegan cold brew frappuccino recipe is the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee, with extra nutrients! Frappuccinos were an old favorite Starbucks treat of mine, so why not make a healthy vegan version!

This pumpkin spice coffee is the perfect way to transition into the fall season! Even though the air is getting crispy, I can’t stop my iced coffee addiction, so I thought why not add a touch of fall! Pumpkin pie spice coffee over ice is so easy to make and is even better than Starbucks!

Inspired by American chinese takeout, this plum & garlic cauliflower bites recipe is perfect paired with rice and veggies! It’s crispy, crunchy, and super flavourful. Especially after being tossed in plum sauce!

Pumpkin spice season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a refreshing yet cozy, pumpkin pie smoothie. This pumpkin smoothie tastes like a liquified pumpkin pie and is perfect topped with vegan whipped cream!

Now that I realize pancakes can be made in the oven, pancake breakfasts have never been easier! Make these mini pancake puffs using pancake mix, a mini muffin tin, and your favorite toppings! These mini pancake muffins are quick, easy, and great for on the go or for packed lunches!

This easy vegan garlic butter recipe is so versatile because it turns any bread into a delicious garlic bread snack! All you need is three ingredients and you have yourself a restaurant quality garlicky spread. Slather it on toast, bagels, baguettes, and more, then stash the leftovers in the fridge for on demand garlic bread.

This chocolate banana smoothie (AKA chunky monkey, AKA groovy monkey if you’re Chickpea Express) turns my favorite dessert into breakfast! Seriously, if you want a milkshake for breakfast that’s secretly healthy, look no further! This chocolate banana smoothie is creamy, rich, and so decadent! It’s hard to believe it’s made with bananas and only 4 ingredients!

This Sweet Chilli Heat Cauliflower Bites recipe is inspired by the superior, and only vegan Doritos flavour, sweet chilli heat! By combining a sweet, fruity base with savory and spicy sauces, this sweet chilli heat cauliflower recipe is the perfect appetizer. Especially paired with sweet chilli heat nacho chips! Or fried rice if you’re feelin’ extra healthy.

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