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Pizza RollsBy AlexTurn your leftover pizza dough into these cute little pizza roses that taste exactly like bakery style pizza buns, using only a muffin tin! This pizza roll recipe makes the most of your pizza ingredients, and turns pizza into a snack, breakfast, or appetizer! Use your favorite pizza toppings and dip to take this recipe to the next level!
Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee CopycatBy AlexWe accidentally made a Tim Horton's iced coffee copycat recipe! It's dark, super sweet, creamy, and a little bitter. Just like the Tim Horton's iced coffee we used to enjoy pre-vegan. Homemade cold brew makes this iced coffee recipe affordable and sustainable. But doesn't compromise on coffee shop taste or texture thanks to a mix of vegan creamer and barista blend milk!
Mini Cheese & Pesto PizzaBy AlexThis mini pizza recipe has taken my childhood obsession with Pillsbury mini pizzas to a whole new, classier level! The addition of LeGrand pesto turns these mini pizzas into a sophisticated version of a frozen classic. This mini pizza recipe is super quick and easy thanks to premade pizza crusts!
Breakfast PotatoesBy AlexRestaurant style breakfast potatoes, complete with sauteed onions and green peppers, tossed with seasonings galore! These super flavourful breakfast potatoes are the perfect side - or main - for all your vegan breakfast dreams!
Banana Chocolate MuffinsBy AlexThese banana chocolate chunk muffins are chewy, moist, and so decadent! It's hard to believe something that tastes this much like cake is made with bananas! Rich, gooey chocolate chunks and pecans take these banana muffins to the next level.
Mac & Cheese Garlic FingersBy AlexMac and cheese on pizza is one of the combos I've ever tried! Since I prefer garlic bread (AKA garlic fingers if you're a maritimer) to pizza, I decided to make the base a garlic finger instead! This mac and cheese garlic finger recipe combines two of the best foods ever!
Blueberry Lemon MuffinsBy AlexThese blueberry lemon muffins are fluffy, moist and cakey! The hint of lemon is a nice summery twist on classic blueberry muffins!
Ketchup & Pepper ChipsBy AlexKetchup and pepper chips is our take on the popular UK dish, salt and pepper chips. It starts with our favorite ketchup roasted potatoes recipe, then we toss them in a flavourful mixture of caramelized onions, green peppers, and a touch of oil.
DIY Mac & Cheese PowderBy AlexThis mac and cheese powder recipe has changed the way I see vegan mac and cheese! All you need is nooch, a ton of spices, and some flour to make the best and easiest vegan mac and cheese ever!
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