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Vegan Stuffing Bread

Stuffing is my all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish! I mean, what’s better than bread drenched in warm, cozy, and savory spices! This vegan stuffing bread recipe is inspired by the classic Thanksgiving stuffing flavor and is laced with tons of summer savory, rosemary, thyme and more! Made in a bread maker for optimal convenience, but can also be made in an oven.
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Yields1 Serving
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time3 hrs
Total Time3 hrs 5 mins


 1 cup Warm Water
 2 ¼ tsp Bread Machine Yeastone packet
 3 tbsp Oil
 1 tbsp Sugar
 3 cups Flour
 1 tsp Salt
 2 tbsp Summer Savory
 2 tbsp Parsley Flakes
 2 tsp Garlic Powder
 2 tbsp Onion Powder
 1 tbsp Thyme
 1 tbsp Rosemary



In a bread machine combine warm water, yeast, sugar, and oil. Let it sit for about 10 minutes so the yeast can activate.


In a mixing bowl, sift together flour, salt, summer savory, parsley flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, and rosemary.


Add flour mixture to the bread machine. You don't need to mix it, the bread machine will knead the dough.


Set bread machine to basic/white bread setting, press start, wait 3 hours for the loaf to bake.


Once the loaf is cooked, allow to cool, then cut into about 10 slices.



I like to make my bread in a bread machine because it’s just so easy and reliable! If you don’t have a bread maker, you can also make this recipe in the oven.


To make this in the oven:

  • Use active dry yeast instead of bread machine yeast.
  • Follow recipe directions for mixing the ingredients.
  • Knead the dough into a ball, let rise for 2 hours.
  • Bake in a loaf pan at 375 until golden brown.


Use this stuffing bread recipe in my Vegan Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese on Stuffing Bread recipe.




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    1. Hi Lisa, I have a 2lb bread maker and this recipe didn’t quite fill the pan – there was room left in the bread maker by the time it was cooked – so I’m thinking either size would work with this recipe. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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